Fighting Fantasy: House of Hell App Recensioni

Demoralizing, pitiless...

Screw you- This is an exercise in masochism and self loath. No way out. Does our hero have any recourse? I'll give a few stars more if the there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Well done. I'll look up my grimoires and tomes to see if I can keep track of such juvenile interpretation of dangerous names.

I skarded :-(

Reputed to be the hardest FF game books and I agree. I never won as a kid and still not yet.

A blast of nostalgia

I'd read this as a child, some 30 years ago, and was looking for the books for my son. Hadn't thought of them as iPad apps, but they're even better than the books, as they do the dice rolling, and eliminate my uncanny ability to roll double six every time when I was reading the books! It was great to re-read this with my son, who was enthralled by the interactive roll-playing in the story. I think it's inspired him in a whole new genre, so that was well worth the money. Can't wait to read the next one!


This brought back a lot of memories. I felt the story was immersive enough, the music set the mood (even though it sounds suspiciously like the Halloween film theme), and I love how all the stat tracking is automated. No regrets at all for buying this. Hoping for more to come!

Excellent (but missing some critical features)

Let me begin by saying that I am a huge Fighting Fantasy fan and hope that Tin Man Games is able to inject new life into the entire series. I would especially love to see them do a faithful adaptation of Steve Jackson's Sorcery series as these books were always the crowning achievement of Fighting Fantasy. On to the book at hand. Despite my overall enjoyment of House of Hell, I will say that it is missing features that I hope will be added in future upgrades. I play the roll of Gamemaster for my kids, meaning that I read the book to them and allow them to make all of the character's choices. In order to be a more effective GM, I need the following features to be added: 1. Ability to modify the stats on the Adventure Sheet at any time 2. Ability to roll your own dice. My kids are very tactile and enjoy the participatory thrill of chucking dice. Players should be allowed to enter the numbers generated by their real dice into the combat screen. 3. Ability to enter the name of your character onto your Adventure Sheet 4. Ability to run multiple games on the same device. Each game could be represented by a different profile. A nice feature would be a leader board showing the progress of each profile, including number of achievements unlocked and total number of enemies killed. 5. Ability to modify the stats of your enemies during combat 6. The ability to play in game music from your iPod. The game's soundtrack is decent but repetitive. I'd love to up the creepiness factor by playing classic horror film soundtracks like "Halloween." UPDATE: I have discovered that you can play music from your iPod if you turn off the game music using settings. If these demands are met in a future upgrade, then I will enthusiastically change my rating to an emphatic five!

An excellent revisitation to RPG gamebooks

A great implementation of the "pick your path" adventure books from the 80s. Keeps all bookkeeping for you so you can have fun. They even have a mode where you can cheat (if you prone to do so way back then). Still a great story!

A great modern-day set gamebook. Lots of fun!

I'm a fan of the modern horror setting that this book has. Recommended for gamebook and horror fans.

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